Al Ghassan Motors armoured cars

Alongside luxury vehicle sales and aftersales, Al Ghassan Motors is also a leading supplier of trustworthy armoured cars and vehicle protection services. Through partners worldwide we can deliver limousines and 4x4 models that protect up to level VR10 as well as custom tailored vehicles on request with higher protection levels, and maintain these same vehicles through a dedicated servicing team.

The wide expertise of our team allows us to arrange armouring for many different purposes, such as commercial vehicles or light tactical military vehicles. The options available address today’s main security threats, which experts agree include Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) or conventional landmines in particular.

Whatever the need, the standard of protection remains the same. Our partners work with ballistics specialists to secure vehicles using transparent and opaque materials designed to counter the threat of explosives.

Vehicles can also be fitted with a ‘survival cell’ within the original body, a unique service in the automotive industry. This tough shell becomes the car’s main structure which significantly enhances its strength and ability to protect occupants. A major feature of the cell is its complex overlaps which make sure that projectiles or shrapnel cannot enter the cabin and cause harm to those inside. If an armoured vehicle were to be caught in an explosion the survival cell would absorb the force of the blast while the armour would be held firmly in place by armoured frames.

We understand that the security needs of individuals varies across countries, so our Custom Armouring (CA) options can be tailored for your own demands. This includes the ability to stretch, heighten or modify all makes of vehicles to fit the changes that are needed.

Get in contact with our specialised team from our Armouring Division and they can assist you in all our Branches in KSA, Bahrain as well as in Cannes France.