Bentley’s slimmed-down Continental GT V8 is lighter and smaller than others in the family, but the luxurious four seater has not lost any Bentley gloss. The newly designed cabin raises excitement even before you start the V8 engine. Bringing it to life causes a throaty roar to sound from the rear, and putting the car’s power to the road is an engaging and exhilarating experience. ​



The model’s body combines the muscular form that is expected from a true high-performance coupé with elegant lines and sculpted details. The wings have been creased precisely using Superforming technology, and they link an uncomplicated rear section with the famous Bentley face. Oversized circular LED headlamps draw attention to each side of the rectangular grille. The rear is defined by ‘floating’ LED rear lights. Finishing the aesthetic are dramatic 21-inch alloy wheels exclusively crafted for the coupé.


A Saville Row tailor would be proud of the fit and finish of the interior. Sharp styling brings plush leather, knurled metal and polished wood together to uphold Bentley’s extravagant edge and reinforce its sporting prowess. A shorter centre console creates more space in the rear and complements the simpler, symmetrical fascia. Open illuminated stowage shows you where to store your most important possessions while adding a modern detail. Select one of Bentley’s optional specification packs for your Continental GT V8 to arrive with quilted and perforated leather upholstery, a knurled sports gear lever, and drilled alloy pedals. 


Variable displacement technology in the 4.0-litre V8 engine draws maximum efficiency from the unit without hampering its performance. At gentle speeds, four of the eight cylinders are switched off so that the remaining four can work more efficiently. Dipping the accelerator opens the closed cylinders to unleash maximum power, and this engine action happens instantly and smoothly. A new eight-speed gearbox is responsible for six percent of the model’s 40 percent efficiency gains. The transmission system manages power through a permanent all-wheel drive system, which helps to find a reassuring amount of grip even in icy conditions. Power of 500bhp plus 660Nm of torque at 1,700rpm sees the coupé surge from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds.


Positioned at the top of the centre stack is a straightforward touchscreen satellite navigation system with live traffic data, internet connectivity and a hard drive to store continental mapping.

You can access phone contacts by linking a smartphone via Bluetooth, and connect an iPod or other MP3 player to enjoy your own choice of music. Audio is played through an eight speaker system with the option for a six-disc CD changer.


Like all other areas of the car, the Continental GT V8’s safety is to be admired. The all-wheel drive system helps you to accelerate confidently and without spinning the wheels.

As you corner, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) monitors the car’s balance and makes subtle adjustments to braking and power delivery to correct any oversteer or understeer that can be hazardous.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) also keeps the wheels turning when you brake heavily so you can steer away from danger. Rear parking sensors guide you into spaces by alerting you to approaching obstacles, and multiple airbags protect driver and passenger in the event of an unlikely accident.


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