The quickest four-seat car in the world, the Continental Supersports is also the fastest and most powerful vehicle every produced by Bentley. Despite its potency, this two-door coupé also delivers a luxurious ride and is perfect for discerning motorists who value sophistication and elegance – as well as raw power.



​This magnificent two-door coupé features a smoothly muscular, sublimely sculpted body, which hints at the strength and refinement that emanates from beneath the car’s bonnet. The Supersports is further enhanced by the generous appliance of Blackware, dark styling cues that afford it a formidable aura. New front and rear bumpers, hood vents and side skirts, each with carbon fibre accents have been added to this iteration. The car rides on 21-inch alloy wheels, each with black and bright-machined finish. The vehicle’s rear fascia boasts a new gloss-black tailpipe design and, if you wish, you can specify an optional carbon fibre rear spoiler, available at no extra charge.


​As with its exterior, the Supersports’ cabin is a feast for the eyes. Spacious, sumptuously appointed and supremely comfortable, it boasts generous levels of ersatz suede, as well as chequered carbon fibre fascia plates. The Supersports emblem is stitched into each headrest and a unique tri-colour split has been utilised, which is particularly prominent on each of the car’s diamond-quilted Alcantara seats. Other eye-catching features include a model-specific sports steering wheel and gear lever, each embellished with Alcantara accents. The car possesses a minimum capacity 358-litre boot space.


The mighty W12 engine produces 710PS, which is enough to propel the car from 0-100km/h in just 3.5 seconds, on to a top speed of 336km/h in coupé form, with the optional carbon fibre engine cover hinting at the raw power that lurks within.

There are two drive modes – Drive and Sport – and these have been calibrated to offer the best of both worlds: Drive delivers Bentley’s trademark blend of comfort and refinement for the true ‘GT driving experience’, while Sport sees the dial turned up to 10 – the pedal responses are more aggressive, the revs between gear changes are set higher, the exhaust note changes and the car feels looser.

To ensure drivers can exploit the power and torque available, Supersports uses an enhanced version of the suspension hardware found in the Continental GT Speed, and this, when combined with its torque vectoring system, gives the car the ideal balance between ride and handling.


A high-resolution eight-inch touchscreen provides intuitive access to the car’s infotainment features. These include an eight-channel, eight-speaker sound system, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and USB and AUX inputs.


​ Carbon ceramic brakes, Electronic Stability Programme, Hydraulic Brake Assistance, aquaplane assistance and suite of airbags are among a range of safety features installed.


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