Celebrate prestige and grandeur with a new release from this classic British marque with the engineering expertise of Mulliner. The new Mulsanne Hallmark Series has been crafted from precious metals and the whole selection contains only 60 cars. Read on to find out more about this exclusive model.



Select from either a single or two-tone design in the Mulsanne Hallmark’s metallic body colours. The Mulsanne Hallmark presents a sleek and aerodynamic silhouette, and has luxury 21-inch alloy wheels. Its elegant profile is enhanced by the stylish grille, which can be selected with a dazzling new Serenity grille, or the classic vertical panes. The marque’s signature Flying ‘B’ symbol, which completes the car’s exterior design, provides a refined and stunning look and can be selected in either solid silver or 23.9-carat gold. The Hallmark Series offers body styles of the original Mulsanne, the Mulsanne Speed or the Extended Wheelbase depending on your desires.


Gold or Silver specifications are available in the new Mulsanne Hallmark Series, with bespoke interior designs that are sure to impress and provide ultimate luxury at all times. Leather seats with quilted detailing are offset by the smart hand-painted veneer inlays and embroidered detail for comfort and sophistication. Passengers can also enjoy a spacious and relaxed feel with the addition of Alcantara cushions.


The new Mulsanne Hallmark Series contains a powerful 6.75-litre V8 engine for maximum output. With an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and 498bhp, the Mulsanne can really deliver across all distances as it has top speeds of 184mph and can go from 0-60mph in just over five seconds. 


​Control your music and entertainment using your smartphone or tablet with the car’s intelligent Smart Remote app, where you can also set reminders and alarms so you can stay organised when on the road. Navigation is easy with the Mulsanne’s infotainment system which includes Google Maps, as well as displaying the car’s data on a colour touchscreen. Automatic air conditioning with climate control is also available to ensure your cabin is always at optimum temperature.


​Drive with confidence with the Mulsanne Hallmark’s high standard of safety features. The model includes state-of-the-art ABS brakes, traction control and stability control for your peace of mind and ultimate smooth driving. LED daytime running lights ensure clear visibility, while the back-up camera allows you to manoeuvre with ease and full control.


Bentley’s new Mulsanne Hallmark Series is a luxury car like no other. For more information or to place an order on the stunning new Mulsanne Hallmark Series, contact the team at your local Al Ghassan dealership today. We look forward to showing you what this impressive car can achieve.