Bugatti Saudi Arabia

During 2009, Bugatti launched and delivered the very first Grand Sports being the open top version of the already iconic Veyron.

The idea was to develop a car that would redefine the limits of the technically possible while appealing to the aesthetically minded and the connoisseur. To design a roadster that would uncompromisingly unite the creativity of its designers with the skills of the engineers. Seamlessly combining absolute luxury with unmatched performance. The idea was to provide maximum enjoyment without compromising safety or comfort. The idea was to build the world’s fastest open-top sports car.

2.5 seconds from 0 to 62 mph, 7.3 seconds to 125 mph, 9.8 seconds for the classic quarter-mile, a top speed of 253 mph. Unequalled in a production vehicle, these figures only represent one side of the enormous potential of this sports car. The other, no less fascinating aspect is the assurance and security with which the Grand Sport transfers this performance to the road.

2.3 seconds from 62 to 0 mph, less than ten seconds from 253 to 0 mph – if there is one thing the Grand Sport does better than accelerating, it is the opposite.

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