Lotus Saudi Arabia / Bahrain

The introduction of the Lotus brand to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain has been met with a very high level of regional interest. The brand has a widely appreciated heritage of sporting success and its high profile participation in Formula One racing is still remembered.

Today Lotus is an industry leader in automotive design and engineering specializing in chassis and suspension and consulting with most of the world’s leading brand manufacturing.

The founder, Mr Colin Chapman, was a very talented engineer and keen racing driver. It was his passion for success both on and off the racing track that shaped his philosophies of “Performance Through Lightweight”, “Great Ride & Handling”, “Innovation” and “Fun To Drive”, philosophies that are still true to Lotus today, 27 years after his death and that can be seen and felt by looking at and driving every Lotus car that comes off our production line at Hethel in England. Every Lotus driver can experience our passion for “Pure Sports Car Performance” and every Lotus owner is welcomed into our family to share this passion.

At Al Ghassan Motors, we have the passion, determination and a real understanding of Lotus values and just like Lotus, Al Ghassan Motors is unconventional, inventive, vibrant and straight talking. We feel sure that all Saudi and Bahraini sports car enthusiasts are delighted by our commitment to Lotus and that we are making these extraordinary products available to them. We would like to extend an open invitation to all sports car enthusiasts to come and visit the Al Ghassan Lotus showrooms in Jeddah and also Riyadh, Al Khobar and Bahrain to share our passion and to become part of our family.


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