Lamborghini Aventador S


This iconic model has once again been reborn. The new Aventador S Coupé is designed to provide an exceptional driving performance, while showcasing the stunning shape and style of one of the world’s most desired cars. Explore this brand new sports car below.



Unmistakeably Lamborghini, the new Aventador S Coupé has the razor sharp angles, low-slung stance and has the chic two-seater body style for cruising on long journeys or going on an adventure. Strength and agility is showcased through the car’s contoured lines and a new side air vents that reduce turbulence and keep the car at its most aerodynamic. The new Aventador S Coupé’s subtle modifications have increased efficiency and keep the car at a cool temperature at any speed. Hexagonal shaped exhausts completes the car’s powerful profile. Select from a host of enticing body colours to make a statement, from three layered colours in the Arcancio Argos to the metallic Rosso Mars. Select from either 20-inch or 21-inch DIONE silver forged aluminium alloy rims.


Luxuriate in the car’s supreme interior where there is intelligence and style in every corner. Personalise your Aventador S Coupé as you wish with premium leather or Alcantara with quilted stitching for a seat that hugs your body. You can also have a bespoke colour theme. The cockpit is perfectly designed to suit the driver, with all your controls and the instrument cluster perfectly situated. Steering wheel mounted controls enable your ease and convenience so you can adjust your music and entertainment accordingly, or simply enjoy the resounding purr of the powerful engine.


With its four-wheel steering system, four-wheel drive and four active suspension, drivers can enjoy a more responsive ride with maximum output while having increased stability, so you can hug corners more effectively at speed. The new Aventador S Coupé has a highly impressive V12 multi point injection engine with 730bhp. With a maximum 690Nm of torque and a maximum power of 8,400rpm, this sharp new model has true authority on the road and will dominate other cars. Accelerate from 0-60mph in under three seconds, or get from 0-124mph in under nine seconds.


With the Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics (LDVA), the car has an innovative design with technologies that enable a sharp and responsive drive. The Aventador S Coupé also has an exclusive system – Track and Play – that tracks the car’s performance. You can drive up to 56 different circuits or create your own track, and it measures speed, acceleration, and G-force, among other data.


The new Aventador S Coupé boasts many active and passive safety features, from fast responsive airbags to enhanced stability and traction control. The use of carbon fibre in the car’s interior has also reduced the weightiness of the model, which in turn makes it safer to drive. Find out more about the car’s safety features by asking one of our specialists.


Experience the Lamborghini Aventador S today. Call the team at Al Ghassan to arrange a test drive, or enquire online and we will get back to you. We look forward to showing you this impressive model.

Lamborghini Aventador S