Lamborghini Huracán Performante


The brand new Lamborghini Huracán Performante brings new meaning to the supercar category. With its ultra-sleek appearance and impressive, redesigned powerful engines, this model is a fantastic investment for anyone who is passionate about sports cars and wants to experience a drive like no other.



Unique and supremely aerodynamic, the Huracán Performante boasts a sleek nose with a sharp front and bold rear spoiler. Like other aspects of this influential supercar, the spoilers are made from cutting-edge Forged Composites to impact the car’s downforce and increase speed. The marque’s signature low slung stance and distinctive sloping roof are completed by the iconic scissor doors, as well as 20-inch Mimas forged rims in the front and the rear with Pirelli tyres. Select from Grigio Nimbus metallic or Verde Mantis pearl-effect body colours, to name just a few.


Stunningly designed with marble-effect trims for the instrument cluster and dashboard, the Huracán Performante has a stylish and one-of-a-kind interior. Lightweight yet resilient carbon fibre seats allow the car to travel faster while keeping passengers safe. Performante seats can be chosen with premium leather or Alcantara upholstery for your comfort. Luxury can be found throughout the interior, with the option of soft suede trims on features like the steering wheel, and you can also enjoy wheel-mounted controls for your ease. Your Lamborghini can be personalised to your taste with a wide selection of colour themes and fabrics that perfectly align with the exterior colour scheme. 


​You are sure to be impressed with the Huracán Performante’s newly engineered performance. The powerful V10 engine has an amazing 631bhp and the Lamborghini Doppia Frizione dual-clutch gearbox with seven-speed setting. With its electronically controlled all-wheel drive, there is 600 Nm of torque and maximum power of 8,000rpm. The ALA active aerodynamic system enhances the car’s agility and provides an improved response. Along with its improved suspension, the car can remain smooth and slick with its every movement, and you can achieve 0-60mph in under three seconds. 


The ALA active aerodynamic system enhances the car’s agility and provides an improved response. Enjoy a host of intelligent convenient features such as Bluetooth, satellite navigation and cruise control. There is also an impressive Track and Play system that measures you and your Lamborghini’s performance, measuring data such as speed, acceleration, and gear changing across multiple circuits.


With carbon fibres and Forged Composites, the car is stronger and more lightweight to reduce damaging impact in the event of a collision. Overall, the Huracán Performante has many intelligent active and passive safety features with fast response technology. Advancements in traction control and electronic stability control enable the car to move safely in all driving conditions and prevent skidding, even when moving at its more intense speeds. 


Call the team at Al Ghassan now or enquire online and we can arrange your test drive in this stunning model. Discover the Lamborghini Huracán Performante today.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante