His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Nasser‭, ‬Chairman of Al Nassr Football Club‭, ‬and Mr‭. ‬Yousef bin Ghassan Al Sulaiman‭, ‬Vice President of Al Ghassan Motors‭, ‬the exclusive dealers of INFINITI cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭, ‬signed a partnership agreement for the remaining period of this season‭. ‬And by the virtue of this agreement INFINITI’s logo has been put on Al Nassr team kits‭.‬

The agreement was signed at the Media Center of Al Nassr Club in the presence of a number of the club honorary members‭, ‬board members and the press‭. ‬

Following the signing of the agreement‭, ‬HRH Prince Faisal bin Turki‭, ‬President of Al Nassr Club has thanked Al Ghassan Motors Est‭. ‬for its trust in Al Nassr Club‭, ‬as well as keenness to establish a fruitful partnership with the Club through the first football team‭, ‬and said‭, ‬“This step comes within the framework of the Club endeavor to bring investors to support the Club goals to achieve excellent results that satisfy its fans and enthusiasts”‭.‬

HRH Prince Faisal‭, ‬as well‭, ‬thanked the Club management and praised its professional work to pursue more sponsors for the Club‭. ‬He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Mr‭. ‬Yousef Ghassan Al Sulaiman of Al Ghassan Motors‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬INFINITI for this initiative and keenness to enter into this partnership agreement‭, ‬and commented as saying that this partnership with INFINITI will have a mutual positive impact on both parties‭, ‬and concluded by wishing this relationship to last for years to come‭.‬

Meanwhile‭, ‬Mr‭. ‬Yousef Ghassan Al Sulaiman thanked HRH Prince Faisal bin Turki for patronizing the signing partnership agreement‭ ‬event‭, ‬and added‭: "‬We are really excited about this partnership‭, ‬and honored with the iconic football players of Al Nassr Club‭, ‬and quite candidly‭, ‬we had long and professional negotiations with the Club officials‭, ‬nevertheless‭, ‬we ended up by signing the partnership agreement with the deeply rooted and prestigious Club‭. ‬We are thrilled and confident of the success of this‭ ‬partnership‭. ‬During the continuance of this agreement‭, ‬we will do our best to make it a success and develop it‭. ‬Al Nassr Club is‭ ‬a grand club in terms of its reputation and number of enthusiasts"‭.